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Web and Development
The most important aspect of living in a digital world is providing a feel and experience that will draw attention and build value into your brand. This includes landing pages, email campaigns, banner ads, websites and pop-ups
Interactive Media
Interactive media is crucial for engagement. This could be anything from a simple social graphic to a full fledged promotional video. This provides a valuable opportunity to create a unique experience for your brand.
Collateral Materials
Collateral materials are essential to marketing products and services. This could include labels, business cards, apparel, graphics, banners and anything printed that is utilized for marketing and advertising.
Corporate and Informational Design
This is a more buttoned up form of design that has alot of public exposure for larger scale businesses. This could include newsletters, publications, advertisements and larger scale marketing initiatives.
// Brand - Unspoken Sports
This is a sample of a brand identity solution for a podcast. This included digital assets for youtube, social media, a video intro, as well as a logo to establish the identity.
// Brand - War Works
This is a sample of a brand identity solution for an arms company. This included a hand drawn logo, custom color selection, typography as well as a style guide.
// Brand - Elko FCU
This is a sample of a brand identity solution for a Federal Credit Union. This includes a custom hand drawn logo, a mockup and template of marketing materials as well as website layout and design.
Gunter Media
Build a legacy...
A personal project inspired by tattoo culture, graffiti and calligraphy.
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